WMA To Wav Converter

Conversion software that turns WMA files into WAV format video

WMA to WAV Converter is an easy to use software that will allow you to convert all your WMA files into WAV and other video format files. With this program you can manage all your WMA files, which stands for Windows Media Audio, which is often used and generated by many windows media applications.

You can transform them into WAV files, which are more commonly used for standard CDs that can be played on regular stereos, including car stereos.

WMA to WAV Converter also features audio extraction from WMA and other video formats such as MPEG, VCD, DIVX, DAT, WMV, ASF and SVCD. This feature will allow you to extract any sound you want from these types of videos and save them to WAV files.

The program includes a FLAC built in codec which produces higher quality sound files. WMA to WAV Converter is a simple and friendly interfaced software that will help anyone who wants to produce WAV files out of standard video files such as the ones stated above.